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ALL TIMs actively-managed Portfolios with positive performance
ALL favoured Products on TIMs Selection List are positive

TIM – The Income Masterclass

(ultra-) conservative, but smart & sharp


due to focus on low volatility, niche products and no or little correlation to traditional financial markets


due to creating new income segments and combining them in a unique, successful strategy


due to its very awesome numbers resulted out of a track record of over 40 months and Euro 20 Mio. invested capital.


The investment objective of the product is to achieve long-term yield enhancement by investing into a sub-portfolio of TIM The INCOME Masterclass, which is a (ultra-) conservative strategy due to its focus on low volatility, no or little correlation to traditional markets and/or niche products.

The strategy has been developed five years ago and has been tested live over 40 months . The awesome results achieved, motivated the initiator, PROSPEROUS GROUP, to develope the first global active-passive INCOME Platform called TIM CorsaBox.

The Sub-Portfolio TIM Ultra Conservative plus is an extract to the main strategy and follows the Flagship Strategy consequently except to the weightings of the underlying products.

The main driver on the low volatility is a double impact of missing correlation
to traditional markets. The performance results due to the fact that
the underlying products have never lost money on a monthly basis since inception.

TIM – CorsaBox

„Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“
Da Vinci

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TIM Selection
B2 - TIM Selection 25%
TIM Sub-Portfolios
B1 - TIM Sub-Portfolios 25%
A2 - PGOF 25%
A1 - TIM conservative Index 25%

strong diversification


high sharpe ratio




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TIM – a unique Strategy

Strategy and Portfolio Management Approach

Our strategy is based on low volatility due to no or little correlation to traditional markets. We are searching, evaluating and selecting efficient investment opportunities among our large global network of managers, their strategies and successful products.

Furthermore, our strategy features a triple core satellite management approach (liquidity, currencies, investments).

Which goals have been achieved (TR > 40 months)?

  1. Performance of > 5%
  2. Very low volatility < 2
  3. Sharpe Ratio > 3.5
  4. 11 of 12 positive monthly returns

We digitize Pension and assure Private & Family Wealth

(ultra-) conservative, but smart & sharp

TIM – Global Wealth

TIM – Heritage

TIM – Financial Planning

TIM – Pension

Flagship Strategy & Sub-Portfolios

(ultra-) conservative, but smart & sharp

TIM is a strategy-platform for the safety focused investor and the risk averse portfolio manager which is combining various INCOME segments. Basis is a conservative-risk-return Pyramid. It’s flagship, the PGOF, contents all direct and collective investments. The sub-portfolios are selecting appropriate to their topic.


Pyramide unterer Teil

TIM – Ultra-Conservative plus

Pyramide mit Streifen

TIM – Liquid Income plus

Pyramide mit Streifen

TIM – Sustainable plus

Pyramide mit Streifen

TIM – Real Estate plus

Why should Investors and Portfolio Managers consider TIM – The Income Masterclass?

It is a unique and innovative investment strategy representing the following key features of PGOF, its flagship strategy:


  1. Awarded, unique and successful Stragegy
  2. Predictable return due to extra low volatility and awesome results
  3. Double Impact of missing correlation:
    A: Strategy vs Markets
    B: Strategy vs Strategy Components
  4. Complete (ultra-)conservative active-passive INCOME Investment Platform
  5. Anticipate extraordinarly the current and futurerisks of global capital markets

Diversification opportunities for Investors & Portfolio Managers

  • Currencies >> Euros
  • Balancing and supports conservative and/or balanced managed Portfolios
  • Balancing and supports short-, mid- or longterm Portfolios
  • Supports classic and alternative Core Satellite Strategies

TIMs Selection

more investment opportunities…

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It is our entire pleasure to show you the investment opportunities with TIM and/or to evaluate synergies of a cooperation at a personal presentation.

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